Android - Centurylink mail setup

Set up Android Centurylink

On this page you'll find the Centurylink mail settings for Android. Besides an overview with the imap and pop3 server mailsettings for Centurylink, we offer you a comprehensive guide for setting up your Centurylink email on a Android device.

The exact steps may vary by model, but all the settings can to be found here. If you don't succeed or you think something is not right, do not hesitate to ask your question at the bottom of the page!

1 Go to your mail app, choose settings and add a new email account.


3 Choose pop3.

4 Please enter your full Centurylink email address and password. Then select "Manual Setup".

5 Enter the following information in the incoming settings screen:

Username: email
Password: uw email-wachtwoord
Incoming server:
Incoming poort: 993
Security type: ssl

Choose 'next'.

6 Enter the following information in the outgoing settings screen:

Outgoing server:
Outgoing port: 143
Security type: none
Authorisation required: yes
Username: email
Password: your email-password

Choose 'next'.

7 Enter your preferences in the following screen and give the account a personal name. Congratulations, your e-mail has been se

Question and Answer

  • How do I reset my password

    2 weeks ago
  • I have other folders in my Centurytel email but they won't show up on my phone. Any suggestions?

    4 months ago
  • I Would Like to Also Use My Cell Phone to Get My Email's when I'm away From My House. Please U Set it Up Please. I also Like to Keep My PC with The Same I'm

    1 year ago
  • Forgot password

    1 year ago
  • I can not set my account. It will not accept it. It says it is incorrect.

    1 year ago
  • Correct settings: Username: type your full email address Password: type the password to your email account Enter “” as the POP3 incoming server, and type “995” in the “Port” field. Security Type SSL/TLS Outgoing server SMTP server: Security type: None Port: 587 Check Require sigin Username: type your full email address AUTHENTICATION: type the password to your email account

    2 years ago
  • My android already has email set up but it doesn't work properly. I want to use a century link app but it tells me the email already exists. How do i set it up?

    2 years ago
  • Close, but not cigar. My new Android phone "thinks" for quite a while but eventually says that an "account could not be setup."

    2 years ago
  • I have gone through all the steps on this page. I get a reply on my android phone that says "network not available. Try again later". Reminds me of the old 8-ball. Can you help me. Centurylink says it's not a connection issue. T-Mobile says it is. I'm stuck.

    2 years ago
  • When I try to setup my phone with the above information, I keep getting username and or password are incorrect. I have double checked and even log on from my phone through google. Any ideas?

    2 years ago

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Mail settings Centurylink

POP / IMAP pop3
Incoming server
Incoming port 993
SSl (security) incoming ssl
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 143
Requires sign-in yes