Road Runner email settings for iPhone

Road Runner
On this page you find the Road Runner mail settings for iPhone. Follow the step-by-step iPhone guide or use the settings overview with the imap and pop3 server email settings for Road Runner.

Mail settings Road Runner

POP / IMAP pop3
Incoming server
Incoming port 110
SSl (security) incoming none
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 25
Requires sign-in yes

iPhone guide to setup Road Runner mail

1 Open 'Settings', click on 'Passwords & accounts' and 'Add account'.

Click on your provider name if it's listed, otherwise click on 'Other'

2 Choose 'Add mail account', and enter the following information:

Name: your own name
Email: your Road Runner email address
Password: your Road Runner email password
Description: a personal description

3 Choose pop3 and enter the following details under 'Incoming mail server':

Username: your Road Runner email address
Password: your Road Runner email password

4 Under 'Outgoing mail server' enter the details below and choose 'next':

Username: your Road Runner email address
Password: your Road Runner email password

5 Make sure 'Email' is checked and click 'Save'.

Your email account is now saved. In the next steps we check if all settings are correct.

6 Click on your newly created email address and choose 'Advanced'. Make sure that the following data is correct under 'Incoming server':

Use SSL: on
Identity check: password
Server port: 110

7 Go back to the previous screen and under 'Outgoing server' click on Make sure the following information is correct:

Use SSL: on
Identity check: password
Server port: 25

8 Choose 'Done' at the top right and restart the iPhone to activate the settings.

Congratulations, your account is now set up. Open the mail app to use your account.

Question and Answer

Have a question regarding your iPhone email setup or think you can help other Road Runner users out? Please comment below!

  • I forgot the password for my email account. I can’t remember it. Can you help?

    8 months ago
  • I also suddenly cannot receive email on my iPad....I haven’t changed any of my settings. It was fine in the morning, and just stopped in the afternoon. My webmail is fine. Does anyone know what’s going on?

    9 months ago
  • I am currently unable to receive or send emails on my iPad. Also deleted items would keep returning.

    10 months ago
  • I could not receive emails. I was told to put in my password but I forgot it. I tried to follow the on line instructions but asked what my favorite song was it was so long ago that I put it in I forgot that also, ugh. I tried to call the 877 number for help but it keeps ringing busy and I can't get through. Please help!!!

    1 year ago
  • Having sampe problems as above: suddenly last week I was receiving emails via outlook app on iphone but not able to send any after several years of easy access. Updated app as per outlook support, used settings as per roadrunner, but now getting message about outlook app not able to work with RR without valid security certificate and RR shows none. Does this really mean I can no longer access my rr email/webmail with my iphone app? Is anyone at RR answering these questions?

    1 year ago
  • This week I have not been able to send emails. I was an Insight customer then twc bought them. I was told I could keep my email. Even when Spectrom bought TWC I still could use it until this week. I am now WOW! Subscriber and have been for over a year..

    1 year ago
  • How come when I delete a message from my RR account on my phone, it does not get deleted from my RR account online?

    1 year ago
  • I have had a Roadrunner email service on my PC and also on my Iphone8 for years. Just Wednesday i have not been able to send or receive ant E-mails on either. Can someone explain what is the change/problem and how can i restore previous status- Thanks- John

    1 year ago
  • I tried to get roadrunner installed on iPad with no success, I tried by the instructions on web page and also the exact way it is on my phone still no luck

    1 year ago
  • Need to change password

    1 year ago