Wave Broadband email settings for Outlook

Wave Broadband
On this page you find the Wave Broadband mail settings for Outlook. Follow the step-by-step Outlook guide or use the settings overview with the imap and pop3 server email settings for Wave Broadband.

Mail settings Wave Broadband

POP / IMAP pop3
Incoming server mail.wavecable.com
Incoming port 110
SSl (security) incoming none
Outgoing server mail.wavecable.com
Outgoing port 25
Requires sign-in yes

Outlook guide to setup Wave Broadband mail

1 Start Outlook and open 'Account Settings'.

Click on the file tab and in the 'Information' category click on 'Account Settings'

2 Create a new email account.

In the 'Email' tab, click 'New'

3 Enable 'Server Settings' and click Next.

Check 'Server settings'.

4 Congratulations, your account has been added!

Click on 'Test Account Settings'. If everything goes well, click on next and then on finish.

Question and Answer

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  • We have a real problem; I have contacted your phone "help" twice to no avail. The first call was answered by somebody (sounded male) whose broken English was so bad I could not understand him. What I garnered was IT at Wave Broadband had updated and I was the victim. I was told to wait a couple of days. I did. No effect. I called back and got a "Sarah". She seemed to know what was going on and said she would enter a query with the IT dept. about my problem. I waited and received no repair or email in response. My email is bfleming@wavecable.com. My wife has efleming@wavecable.com. My wife CANNOT send from her email site. She has to go to mine, which means responses also go to me which I then have to forward to her. When I first open my email, I receive a website (appears so) for Wavecable itself. I then have to close completely and reopen to get my standard email. Back to my wife: her send screen is entirely different from what we used to have and will not function. We've been with Wave well over a decade and have always paid on time. Wave is a franchise grant from the commissioners of Kitsap County. Wave is a government sanctioned monopoly. Should I contact my county commissioner (Ed Wolfe)? Please resolve this issue. My time is valuable too. TX!B

    2 years ago
  • I cannot get an icon for email on my new phone.

    2 years ago
  • There is a typo in these instructions that spell check would have caught.

    3 years ago
  • webmail not emptying into outlook. lots came over today 113 emails, but left 34 in the webmail.

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  • can not recieve my e mail

    5 years ago
  • unable to send emails since Nov. update, keeps saying my out smtp is wrong but it matches your cheat sheet mail.wavecable.com

    7 years ago
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