Cox Business email settings for Outlook

Cox Business
On this page you find the Cox Business mail settings for Outlook. Follow the step-by-step Outlook guide or use the settings overview with the imap and pop3 server email settings for Cox Business.

Mail settings Cox Business

POP / IMAP imap
Incoming server
Incoming port 993
SSl (security) incoming ssl
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 465
Requires sign-in yes

Outlook guide to setup Cox Business mail

1 Start Outlook and open 'Account Settings'.

Click on the file tab and in the 'Information' category click on 'Account Settings'

2 Create a new email account.

In the 'Email' tab, click 'New'

3 Enable 'Server Settings' and click Next.

Check 'Server settings'.

4 Congratulations, your account has been added!

Click on 'Test Account Settings'. If everything goes well, click on next and then on finish.

Question and Answer

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  • Please consider adding OAN (One America News) network to your stations. We had direct TV and enjoyed this station so much. We are disappointed that Cox does not have it on its lineup. I Look forward to seeing it soon on Cox TV. Thanks, Bolens

    4 years ago
  • The server names are listed incorrectly. They are supposed to be and Your article here lists both as .net. Plz update. All port numbers and encryption protocols are correct.

    4 years ago
  • This needs to be updates. Trying these settings in June of 2019 in Outlook 2016 and they do not work. Plz update.

    4 years ago
  • Cox "hosts" our business email and while we have had several issues over the years the email has worked well. Typically we use Outlook for email (at least in the office) and I also had access to my work email via my phone. While I do continue to have the occasional issue with Sent mail (from Outlook on my laptop when working out of town) it has not been a consistent problem. When I have contacted Cox in the past concerning this issue I've been told to change my SMTP port number, I've been told the problem is my remote location's wireless has a bad reputation, and I've been told that the provider for the remote location at which I am working is blocking the outgoing mail. I just replaced my smartphone due to OS issues but the email app I was using worked fine. As I am trying to set up my new phone I finally got to setting up email. I am using the standard email app that comes with both Android (what I have) and i-Phones. As I did several years ago when I set up email on my old phone, I simply looked at my current settings in Outlook on my laptop and duplicated them. I just tried doing the same thing for this new phone but I am running into problems. Currently on my laptop I am using "POP3,, port 110, no security other than a password" for incoming mail and ", port 25, and sign-in required" for outgoing mail. When I use these settings for my phone I can set up incoming mail just fine but I'm struggling with setting up my outgoing mail. I've tried ports 25 and 587 and they both failed. I just did some digging online and found this forum regarding Cox email via Outlook and was very surprised to see the suggested Outlook email settings. Incoming - IMAP,, port 993, SSI. Outgoing -, port 465, and sign-in is required. This is significantly different than what we are using (and is working) on laptops and in the office! Should we be switching to these settings? In regarding to using email on my smartphone what setting should be used? Feel free to send me the correct setting via email to Thanks!! Larry

    5 years ago